Industrial and Engineering

Business market analysis for the Introduction of products or services in a highly competitive market. Reviewing market introduction strategy, compliance to Local/European norms and regulations; rewrite all technical collaterals and analyse and scope aftermarket support capabilities.

Assess best route to market (Region, Channel) or alternatively source proper representation channel (agents, distributor) for the Technology; analyse potential local acquisitions to speed up penetration.

Connection to Private and Public channels.



Assessment of product or service innovation, compliance to Local/European standards (European Medicines Agency). Review of market strategy to penetrate market. Translation/Localisation of collaterals and evaluation of aftermarket support readiness.

Supply chain & Logistics, Facilities and Equipment, Quality systems and regulatory compliance, New Product Development and production systems (Clean room environment, Data integrity, lifecycle process).


Localisation, IoT and Tracking

Innovative Digital solutions offering precise goods and people localisation, IoT technologies, tracking / Fleet Management via GPS and optimisation (Return on Investment).  Management of crowds via WiFi in large venues – cities, Conference Centres (improvement of User Experience, new revenues & safety improvements).


Food and Retail

Digital solutions to improve the complete supply chain, from goods to full invoicing. New Digital technologies in shops (flow & dwell times, data management, stock inventory management). Opening French market to key retailers; Assessment of Best route to market (e-commerce; dedicated online product platforms; review of omni-channel strategies).


HR & Administration

Digital solutions in Management of personnel (Personality test, on line training, personnel management platforms, Health and Safety solutions, safety on line training, etc.).

Localisation of company in France: company creation (best structure for business – Sarl, Eurl, sas, sa,etc.); establishment  of all legal documents (Register of Commerce) for compliance to French requirements.

Capability to establish and manage payroll (pay slips and all payments to the social security bodies) and all administrative registration requirements (URSSAF, RSI, etc.).


Digital Marketing

Assessment of Digital strategy when exporting in a different market; SEO and back link solicitation, content creation, Search Engine Marketing (Pay per click), On-line vs Off-line strategies; Social Media (FB, Instagram, Snapchat, Twiter, Google+), Programmatic Display and Precision targeting or Geo-fencing solutions.

Responsive websites development (on every device), Local search capabilities, email campaigns.

Provide support on compliance issue to GDPR.


Supply chain & Logistics, Aftermarket solutions

Predictive Analytics solutions to manage Supply chains and Logistics when exporting goods; European VAT and future potential Customs compliance; management of Aftermarket parts and services optimisation.

Provide Logistics/Transport and storage solutions to optimise delivery of products.


Agri-food & Equine

Business Evaluation and Best Root to Market Analysis. Will ensure your Business to find the right contacts to develop its footprint in the right Regions of France.